Juana Maldonado


I am an Aquarian, a fan of Lanús and my neighborhood, Remedios de Escalada, in Buenos Aires. I had a normal childhood, with a normal family, if that exists, and a career with average grades. Nothing to write home about on the surface. But inside I am full of contradictions. I love journalism, radio and music. I am lazy and self-demanding at the same time. I want to live in a less “imperialist” system, but how much I enjoy the gossip of Hollywood and the music industry. I love (and regret) the history of Latin America and I feel very rooted in my land and my culture, but at the same time I feel that I know nothing. Environmentalism and feminism changed my life. In everyday life I adopted all the environmental habits that I know; I am a vegetarian, I compost, I consume agroecology, I try not to eat ultra-processed foods, and if I buy clothes, they are second-hand. In the beginning… well, with everything I said, it is clear. With you, the antibiography!

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