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I am an editor at LatFem and editor of the monthly ecofeminist newsletter Jumanji. She collaborated in the Uruguayan weekly Brecha. I am River Plate. 11 years ago I moved from La Plata (Argentina) to Montevideo (Uruguay) with an objective that was, at the same time, a condition: to work on what I like, that is, to do journalism. I went through self-management, newsrooms and now telecommuting; by newspapers, weeklies, radios -in studio and online- and portals. I am very happy with my professional present together with creative and lively colleagues with whom we give it another twist every day to tell stories. Since I was a child I have been interested in news coverage on human rights violations and how organizations and communities fight to defend themselves, I also address issues related to mental health and institutional violence. I really like to read, dance, listen to rock, go to the Cinematheque to watch cult movies, spend time with my friends and find out how my sisters are doing. As a chronicler I enjoy being able to access the most diverse life stories and tell them so that others feel inspired.

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