Anthony Quispe Oré (27) as a child wanted to do nothing as an adult. Now as an adult I want to be a child, to do nothing. Although I will emphasize that as a teenager he had goals, he sweated and scored goals. He was good. My father was excited, my mother was terrified. They argued, my mother won, she always wins. Shortly after: literature, “but you don’t live by writing little stories,” my mother quipped. “Perhaps writing news,” suggested my grandfather, a friendly smoker and retired miner, who made me read the first red headline of my life, “Vampires” sell blood for 200 soles.” After five years of studying journalism and three of Graduated, I still can’t get a title like that, it doesn’t come out. A colleague recently told me that in that newspaper they used to tell lies. So I let out a sigh and affirmed: “no wonder it didn’t come out”. Now I write, report, teach, learn , I play Dota 2 and I don’t do anything when I can.

D e f e n s o r a s D e f e n s o r a s